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Lose the Guilt

Chances are that you are where you are now with your weight and health because, up until now, you have been prioritizing others' needs above your own for years. When you are constantly busy and overwhelmed, you don’t have much time to really think about how tired, out of shape, overweight, and unhappy you are.


Knowledge, Not Products

Whatever the hype, product-based solutions for weight loss such as pills, shakes, and pre-packaged foods are not reliable long-term. Leadwell, like college and trade school, is about learning key knowledge from experts to transform your future performance. 


The Comparison Trap

Comparing yourself to others around you who are also feeling tired, overweight, sick, and defeated normalizes feeling this way and tricks you into thinking that the way you feel is just “the way it will be”. Just as you had models when you climbed the career ladder, you need to reorient yourself to the type of comparisons that will help you reach your health goals.


Fire Under Your Butt

Think about the times that you have performed at your best. The times you’ve amazed even yourself and thought, “Damn! I did that!” Chances are these were all accomplishments you gained after fighting some type of deadline. When we have to push to meet a deadline, impress a client, or wow a boss, that “fire under your butt” allows you to push past procrastination, fear, anxiety, and fatigue.


Making the Most of Every. Single. Day.

It’s weird how changing your diet can impact things you would never think possible. Since I started my journey, I definitely feel like I am a better wife, a better mother, and a better friend. When I built a new relationship with food with the goal to lose weight, I started building an entirely different and better life for myself and my family.


Jess Tarleton

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